⚠️ The Future of Elbow Up

If you’ve opened my emails the last couple of months, you’ve noticed I’ve been trying some new things. Thanks for your patience as I try to offer the content best for everyone. The feedback and engagement has been overwhelming, and I am grateful!

Moving forward, there will be two options for subscribers:

  1. Free - nothing changes!

  2. Paid - additional benefits!

For free subscribers (everyone getting this email), NOTHING changes. I’ll continue providing great content to help you and your family get the most out of your youth baseball experience! You’ll get:

  • One podcast episode per week (Tues)

  • One short-form email per week (Sat)

For premium subscribers, in addition to the above, you’ll get:

  • Additional weekly podcast and/or article (including exclusive interviews with former players, college coaches, scouts, and various industry leaders with topics relevant to youth baseball)

Upcoming premium episodes include my brother, former Vanderbilt signee and first round MLB draft pick, as well as Ricky Honeycutt, son of career big leaguer, a college player himself, and now dad and youth baseball coach.

  • Exclusive access to private parent-coach Facebook group

  • Access to new documents and guides as they’re available (Things Every Parent Should Know About Youth Baseball, Everything Coaches Should Know Before Coaching Coach Pitch, Guide to Moving to Player Pitch, Communication Between Coaches and Parents, etc)

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Why charge for this?

Great question! And there are three answers…

  1. There is a cost associated with doing all of this. I pay for website hosting, audio editing software, and other online tools to publish the newsletter and podcast.

  2. This takes a lot of time, and I think the value provided is worth it. For every 20 minute podcast episode, I spend 2-3 hours on preparation, recording, editing, and distributing.

  3. Most of the content I’ve come across on the web is supported by advertising. That’s a model that’s good for the writer and the advertiser, but not-so-good for you, the consumer. I’d rather my readers supplement my expenses in small amounts than trying to push advertisers on you every week!

How much for premium subscription?

Sign up now, and lock in premium access for just $6.00 per month or $60 per year. That’s less than Netflix, Hulu, and a grande non-fat salted caramel machiatto at Starbucks (and you can cancel at any time).

As much as you and I spend on youth sports, an extra $6 per month to help your son and family get the most of it seems reasonable.

Team Subscriptions

If you’re interested in purchasing a team or group subscription (4 or more), use this link and get 50% off per person. This is a valid team expense that could be covered with team dues. It might even help you avoid tough conversations between coaches and parents down the road.

The Resource I Wish I Had

As I previously wrote about and talked through in podcast episode 003, there’s a lot of things I’d do different now that my older son has finished his youth baseball career.

Knowing what I know now, I’d pay a heck of a lot more than $6 a month and not have to have written those 10 things I’d do differently.

If you see value in being a part of the Elbow Up community, consider supporting my work and joining as a premium subscriber here and support.

If you have any questions, just hit reply and ask away! Positive and negative feedback welcome!

Thanks again for your support!