Feb 24, 2021 • 21M

Parent-Coach Communication is Critical to Team and Individual Success

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Tips, advice, experience, and observations, for parents and coaches, to help get the most out of the youth baseball experience!
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What’s up, youth baseball nation!

On today’s episode I spend about 20 minutes talking about communication between coaches and parents - communication that’s a two-way street.

We had our first team practice of the season last night and kicked it off with a parent meeting. While I had another topic teed up for today, I felt like this was a great topic for everyone to see/hear at the beginning of the season.

After first practice of the season!

While I keep saying there’s no magic pill for success, your youth baseball experience will be greatly improved if healthy communication remains a priority for you and your team!

If you can’t listen, the audio transcript will be available online by end of day!

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