Elbow Up is Back

Thanks for your patience and feedback!

First off, it’s great to be back!

The end of summer has been crazy. We wrapped up our 7U baseball season at the Ripken Experience in Pigeon Forge, TN (article coming soon), school started back for both of our boys, and I’ve been helping launch a new athletic booster club at my kids’ school.

While I needed a few weeks off, I must admit it was great to hear from several of you asking when the next update was coming.

I was reminded multiple times that a new article hadn’t been posted in a while! It’s encouraging to hear that at least a few of you actually open the emails! 😃

What’s Next?

I’ll resume my twice per week writing this week.

Email Length

I expect the articles to be a bit shorter in length. The feedback I received has been good, but shorter length would make each email/post a little easier to get through.

This will also allow me to cover more topics. Every once in a while I’ll go deeper, and of course I welcome any feedback on this.


I recorded a couple of podcast episodes a month ago with a friend of mine who has way more baseball experience than me.

He’s a former college baseball player, coach, and athletic director, and now serves as an athletic director and high school principal. He’s a good teacher of the game, has experience as a recruiter, and shares the same passion for helping young athletes!

Give us a few episodes to get going before you really pass judgement, but I think this is going to be HUGE!

I’ll publish the episodes right here, so as long as you get my emails you’ll see them. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do that for free here:


The growth of this newsletter has been humbling. Here’s a chart of subscriber growth.

With your help, over 20,000 people have read my articles in just two months. That includes readers from all 50 states and 9 different countries!

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Thank you to each of you who have read and shared the articles with a friend or to your social media channels.

I’d ask that you continue to do so. Every time I post an article we get 10-20 more subscribers. I can’t thank you enough for help with this as we continue to impact the youth baseball experience!

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