J-Band Giveaway and New Elbow Up Facebook Group

Good morning, and happy Friday!

Two quick things before the weekend:

1) Don’t forget to listen to this week’s episode about arm care and arm health where I interviewed China McCarney, Vice President at Jaeger Sports.

Jaeger Sports is an industry leader in this topic, and it’s good for ALL ages, especially young players who we don’t think are ready for an arm care program. (see bottom of email for info on the giveaway)

2) Please be sure to join the new Facebook group I started for us. I’ve noticed all of the locally focused baseball groups are full of tryout and tournament advertisements. That’s okay at times, and they have a purpose, but this one is just for us to further our conversation, ask and answer questions, and more!

Have a great weekend, and if you’re a premium member, you’ll get today’s email soon!


P.S. You have to join the Facebook group to be eligible for the J-Band and Throwing Manual giveaway (unless you don’t have Facebook, you can reply to this email letting me know). Here’s what I’m giving away (x5):

See you next time! Oh, and consider sharing this with a friend or three.