Rec-Select Follow Up

Rec vs Select is a Hot and Controversial Topic

The Rec Ball-Select/Travel Ball conversation certainly is a hot topic!

I started this newsletter just a few weeks ago in hopes of generating conversation that would ultimately improve the baseball experience for our kids. I am completely blown away by the reaction to last week’s piece on rec organizations like Dizzy Dean failing to evolve over time.

Thank you to all of you that have read and shared the newsletter so far. With your help, and at the time of this writing, that one post has generated:

  • 5,386 views from 6 countries and 10 states

  • over 100 shares on Facebook

  • over 300 comments on Facebook

  • a 44% increase in subscribers to the newsletter

In response to that, I’m working on the next part in what will be a 3-part series.

  1. Rec Organizations Failure to Evolve

  2. The Dangers of Select Baseball

  3. The Solution

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